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Brazil-based artist Kleber Silva renders his vision of an N model pickup
We compare it with the Toyota Hilux and other Hyundai SUVs
Hyundai surprised the world a few days ago when it unveiled its new Santa Cruz compact pickup. Many of you are probably wondering just how small this model is versus the midsize trucks we commonly see on our roads.Let's find
Hyundai has officially pulled the wraps off its US-bound truck
It's official: Hyundai has a pickup now. The carmaker has finally revealed the Santa Cruz, its newest entry to the truck-heavy US market.The Santa Cruz debuts with a very sleek and sporty design that we've been seeing a
It’s starting to take shape
The Hyundai Santa Cruz is starting to take shape. This is the Korean carmaker's upcoming pickup that was confirmed for production back in November 2019. Now, it'll soon make its global debut. Damn, time flies by so fast.Anyway, the
Say hello to the Hyundai Tarlac concept by Enoch Gonzales
The truck pictured above is a Hyundai, yes, but it isn't the Santa Cruz that's headed to production-this one here is the Hyundai Tarlac, a concept designed by artist Enoch Gabriel Gonzales. We understand if you may have mistaken
The concept was revealed way back in 2015
Remember the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck concept? We won't fault you if you don't. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2015North American International Auto Show-eons ago in automotive industry years-and eventually entered the long, long list of
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