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Production of the micro EV just started—we hope one day it makes its way here
This is an ultra-rare 1963 Peel P50, one of only 46 ever made
The auctioned cars we feature here on Top Gear Philippines are often ultra-rare, outrageously expensive, or downright fascinating. This one we have here with us today fits all three of those, but it's arguably unlike anything we've ever seen
Meet the My Ami Buggy Concept
We've seen the Citroen Ami as a police car and as a van-now it's time to see it as a buggy for adventuring. This, to give it its full name, is the Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept.According to
And if that’s the case, we wonder what you think of BMW Minis, then
Desperate for your car to stand out from the crowd? Once, that meant following the old adage 'bigger is better,' but every human (and their pet) on earth is now driving an SUV, so it's time to think outside the box.
Go wild. We won’t judge...okay, not so much
Remember those iconic school disco-flame shirts from the late '90s and early 2000s? Well, you can now get that pattern on your new Citroen Ami. What a landmark day for car design this is...Citroen recently revealed that it took over
It’s currently up for auction
So, here's an odd one: Do you have an overwhelming desire to own a secondhand Renault Twizy? Okay, how about one that uses genuine racing parts from open-wheelers? One that, if you were being kind, you could say takes its
We can imagine setting this up as a mobile cafe, too...
What if we told you the cutest car you'll see today is also-quite probably-the cheapest? And that it's not even a car? This is the Citroen Ami Cargo, and it's an electric van that costs €25 (P1,
Not really the most elegant solution...
That's...actually a question that's hard to answer in one sentence. It's called the Dock+Go, which, going just by the name, could really be anything from an old-school iPod dock to a bike-share system. As you
“There’s a joy in its simplicity, in the way that Citroen is embracing quirkiness”
The one thing the Citroen Ami is not is a car. Yes, it looks like one, having four wheels and all, but it's actually designated as a quadricycle, neatly sidestepping-in France, at least-a whole host of regulations needed to
It’s called ‘BeeAnywhere’ by Manchester-based startup MeV
If you're keeping tabs on European car news, you might recall that Dacia recently unveiled the Spring Electric concept, which it claimed would be "Europe's most affordable all-electric vehicle" when it reaches production in early 2021. Some might say
They’d make city streets brighter and happier-looking
We love the Microlino at Top Gear. Despite the small problem that, when we first drove the prototype electric bubble car back in 2018, it wasn't exactly finished.Since then, it's been embroiled in an untidy legal battle, and then
In Europe and North America, at least
A couple of years ago, Smart promised us that it would stop building combustion-engined cars for Europe and North America by the end of 2019. We're getting close to that deadline, and the German brand has made good on its
Goal is to make better small cars
Alliances in the automotive industry are nothing new. Examples include Renault-Nissan, Fiat-Chrysler, and Tata buying Jaguar Land Rover. Now, you can add Toyota and Daihatsu to this esteemed list.In a joint press conference, Toyota president Akio Toyoda and Daihatsu
Good things come in tiny sizes
Of all the editorial staff members here at Top Gear Philippines, I have the smallest ride. My daily-driver is a Hyundai Eon--a micro car, which, despite its size, is a huge pain in the ass to pay for. But I'
That's Voiture Sans Permis
We've all had our rants about bad drivers that we share the road with on a daily basis. They come in all shapes and sizes: taxis, jeeps, buses and even motorcycles and fellow car owners who don't give a hoot
It could've been a different kind of Ondoy
As tropical storm Marce hovers over Luzon and dumps an estimated amount of 10mm to 25mm of rainfall per hour on us, it's easy to forget that a few days ago, we were threatened by the arrival of tropical storm Lawin.
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