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Does it make any sense, full-stop?
Until this week, I had never seen a Fast and Furious film.Obviously, I'm not a total recluse. I've been vaguely aware of a few F&F headlines over the years: Vin Diesel and his suspicious smoothness, Paul Walker's
Definitely worth the wait
Daniel Craig once admitted that he'd rather "slash his wrists" than play James Bond again. He was being mischievous, but he also strongly suggested that Spectre wasn't the send-off he wanted. That film had its moments, but it was
We hope this becomes a reboot, not just a prequel
I still remember when the trailers for the first Transformers movie came out in 2007. Fanboys like me the world over got goosebumps just from seeing the robots in disguise we had watched and played with as kids making the jump to
Our dream garages on the big screen
Wealth-porn enthusiasts are abuzz right now over the recent theatrical release of the Crazy Rich Asians movie. Based on the book series by Kevin Kwan, the film tells the tale of Rachel Chu, an American-raised economics professor from New York.
Fun, well-acted, and timely
As far as car chases go, Black Panther's heart-pounding pursuit through Busan's neon-lit streets between the Lexus LC500 and a heavily armed convoy of Toyota SUVs is undoubtedly one of the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has
One of the best driving movies ever
Cue the music. Our hero, Baby, sits in a cherry red Subaru Impreza WRX, waiting to spear off into the distance after a dastardly bank heist. He's got tinnitus from a childhood accident. He only works with earphones so the music
It's actually tolerable if you leave your brain in Cybertron
The high point of the Transformers franchise was a decade ago. In the first movie, Optimus Prime lays out his plan to stop Megatron by sacrificing himself using the AllSpark. In Peter Cullen's iconic voice, Prime says: "It's been an
It's exactly what you expect
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.For many gearheads around my age, the Fast & Furious franchise was our introduction to the wonderful world of cars. While the films were always
And it’s a wonderful movie
There is a scene in La La Land where Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) helps Mia (Emma Stone) find her Toyota Prius by telling her to hold the the remote key to her chin. He told her this extends the range of the signal
An old-fashioned spy thriller
Fine suits, chic sunglasses, vintage watches and classic European cars. These are the wonderful items that populate director Guy Ritchie's spy flick, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. This is a remake of a '60s TV show of the
Even after nearly 2 decades
Doesn't Hollywood have any new ideas left? This year alone, we've seen sequels of Fast & Furious, Jurassic Park, Mad Max and Terminator. Now, thanks to the kindness of BMW Philippines, we just saw Tom Cruise still running around in Mission:
A dinosaur movie or a car commercial?
It's best to think of Jurassic World as the direct sequel to the very first Jurassic Park movie, rather than a successor to the last movie in the franchise. The story makes more sense that way, and we believe that's
Or something like that
In this Disney-produced film, the protagonist, Casey Newton, chances upon a special pin with a 'T' logo, and she wonders what it's for. This is similar to how we felt when we received an invitation from Chevrolet Philippines for a
Film franchise reaches new heights
If a time traveler went back to 2001 and told us that a film about street racing would spawn six sequels and go to exotic locales around the world, we would tell him he had inhaled too much nitrous oxide. But here
It's a little déjà vu
A disgruntled engineer, racing technology theft, a garage full of Ferraris, and a billionaire race team owner. This might sound like the 2007 "Spygate" controversy that involved Ferrari, McLaren and Renault, but it's actually part of the plot of Focus, Will
F1 purists will be impressed
Before we talk about the upcoming movie Rush, let\'s first look back at other racing-inspired films of the past.John Frankenheimer\'s Grand Prix and Lee H. Katzin\'s Le Mans are two racing films that have a great recall
The allegories of cars in the latest Erik Matti film
Beneath the amazing story and direction of the movie On The Job lie interesting allegories about cars. In the movie, Piolo Pascual plays a young NBI agent who drives a sixth-generation Honda Accord (1997-2002 era) at the start of the
Give this little guy a chance to entertain you
Let\'s say I am a top executive in a big animation studio. One day, some guys come into my office and make a pitch about a snail that gets infused with nitrous oxide and wants to compete in the Indianapolis 500.
Is it the best of the series yet?
Thanks to Vin Diesel roaming the streets of Metro Manila recently, Fast & Furious 6 is guaranteed to be a monster hit in the Philippines regardless of what movie reviews say--especially if the review comes from someone who has no business evaluating
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