Here are five reasons why
Headphones these days are a dime a dozen. Just take a quick look at the market and you'll find all sorts of bang-for-your-buck offerings. On paper, some of these could even challenge bigger and more reputable brands.These
120hz is a literal game-changer
Is anyone here enjoying the hell out of Disney+ now that the streaming service is available in the Philippines? Good for you. I, on the other hand, am left wanting every time I switch on my television and boot up the app.
But is this a good idea?
This isn't what we had in mind when Honda and Sony announced a new electric vehicle partnership back in June. But hey, we say go for it.Citing a recent interview conducted by the Financial Times, IGN reports that Honda and
We won't hold it against you if you find this news a bit frustrating. There are many of us still struggling to get our hands on the PlayStation 5, and Sony goes ahead and releases a brand-spanking-new controller for
Just in time for the holidays
Sure, buying a PlayStation 5 is much less of a hassle now than it was when the console came out in 2020. Getting your hands on a unit, though, is still far from a walk in the park.In the Philippines, the
The new company will be called Sony Honda Mobility
A few months ago, Japanese carmaker Honda inked an agreement with tech giant Sony to build electric vehicles together. Now, this partnership goes a step further, as the two industry titans have agreed on a strategic alliance that will give birth to
Hopefully, it isn’t about someone replaying the same race 20 times for credits
Sony has confirmed a Gran Turismo television series is in the works.Sony Pictures Entertainment boss Tony Vinciquerra confirmed to investors in a recent call that the company is planning on making TV series of its key games including its best-selling
No game is perfect
Anyone who's been alive long enough to remember the early days of modern gaming will tell you that the hobby has evolved quite a bit since then.Technology has changed the way people enjoy their favorite titles, with consoles delivering new
So much to choose from
GT7's visual capabilities certainly make one of the finest, most eye-popping supercars even more, um, eye-poppier. Yes, that's a thing.Racing cars and vacuum cleaners have more in common than perhaps you might imagine. And the mighty Chaparral
Are you digging this partnership?
Well, here's a new automotive partnership that comes as somewhat of a surprise: Honda, one of the world's leading car manufacturers, has signed an agreement to build cars in partnership with Sony, a global electronics giant.The memorandum of agreement
It's a whole new world
They say all a man needs in his home is a ref, a recliner (popularly known as a La-Z-Boy), and a big screen television. I never fully agreed with the statement. I have a refrigerator like most people. I bought
We’re down for this
Sony gave us an idea of what the power of 5G connectivity can do with the SC-1, a vehicle in Japan that was driven remotely all the way from Guam. Now, the company has taken its tech to the next level
The company also unveiled its new mobility division at CES 2022
For a few years now, Sony has made the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the stage for its big reveals. And for CES 2022, it continued the trend.The tech giant has now unveiled the new Vision-S 02, which is basically the
A versatile camera fit for content creation
If the Top Gear PH team were to pick a favorite compact point-and-shoot camera, the Sony RX100 series would easily be top of mind. We've used practically all versions of it during countless motor shows, events, and trips throughout
Choosing between the Sony WF-1000XM4 and the WH-1000XM4
A couple of years back, I pulled the trigger on a brand-new Sony WH-1000XM3. It was the ultimate commuting accessory for me-all the sweating notwithstanding-and it was easily one of my best purchases that year.Fast forward to
Sony is now serious about bringing PS games to your phone
It's not that some franchises have not already arrived on our smartphones-Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and, most recently, Crash Bandicoot-but Sony wants to bring in more titles to smartphones.It's not hard to see why the company
Impressive stuff
For real, though: It's going to take a long while before 5g internet is a real thing here in the Philippines. Sure, 5G phones are already around, but until infrastructure to support the technology is rolled out locally, there's going
Well, this sucks
If you've been desperately trying to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 for the sole purpose of having a console ready for the release of Gran Turismo 7, you might want to hold off for a bit.In an interview
Anyone here afraid of clowns?
Twisted Metal was an awesome video game-a hell of a lot of fun and part of countless peoples' childhoods. That said, it was also the stuff nightmares are made of.A homicidal clown with a flaming head that drives around ramming
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