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Let's face it: Most days there's no beating traffic anymore. All we can do is grin and bear it. And if we're going to bear it, we might as well do so in the most comfortable vehicle we have access to. 

If you don't want to go around in a van, and we totally understand you, you might want to consider the humongous 2018 Ford Expedition

Unless you're a truck/bus driver or a former Expedition owner, the Blue Oval's full-size SUV is massive beyond your imagination. If you think a Fortuner or an Everest is difficult to park and manuever, this is something else. So you better have a driver ready if you're considering this.

If you opt for this mobile fortress, you'll be pampered by a premium B&O audio system, a spacious back seat, a ride fit for a rapper, and an unmatched road presence. 

For a better look at this rolling condominium, check out our video above.

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