Dawn Zulueta prefers real off-roaders

No crossovers for her
by Drei Laurel | May 15, 2018

The Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class are two of the most legendary off-roaders to ever leave their respective carmakers' factory floors. They're big, heavy and brutish-looking, too—attributes that actress Dawn Zulueta appreciates when it comes to vehicles.

Photos of the actress enjoying herself behind the wheel of a Defender and G-Class recently surfaced over social media, and we have to say the SUVs really suit her, albeit in a Beauty and the Beast sort of way. Don't agree? Maybe knowing a little more about these cars will help convince you.

First up, the G-Class. By the looks of it (and judging by the subtle AMG logo by her foot in the photo), we're guessing Dawn is sitting inside a G63 AMG which carries an estimated price of around P12 million.

The Land Rover Defender is no longer in production and quickly becoming a collectible. The one Dawn is in appears to have some nice accessories, and those things don't usually come cheap.

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No word on whether she actually owns the two cars. But if she does, we certainly hope she makes time for a little fun on the trails with them once in a while, because a clean off-roader is a sad one.

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PHOTO: Dawn Zulueta
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