Dawn Zulueta prefers real off-roaders

No crossovers for her
by Drei Laurel | May 15, 2018

The Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class are two of the most legendary off-roaders to ever leave their respective carmakers' factory floors. They're big, heavy and brutish-looking, too—attributes that actress Dawn Zulueta appreciates when it comes to vehicles.

Photos of the actress enjoying herself behind the wheel of a Defender and G-Class recently surfaced over social media, and we have to say the SUVs really suit her, albeit in a Beauty and the Beast sort of way. Don't agree? Maybe knowing a little more about these cars will help convince you.

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First up, the G-Class. By the looks of it (and judging by the subtle AMG logo by her foot in the photo), we're guessing Dawn is sitting inside a G63 AMG which carries an estimated price of around P12 million.

The Land Rover Defender is no longer in production and quickly becoming a collectible. The one Dawn is in appears to have some nice accessories, and those things don't usually come cheap.

No word on whether she actually owns the two cars. But if she does, we certainly hope she makes time for a little fun on the trails with them once in a while, because a clean off-roader is a sad one.

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PHOTO: Dawn Zulueta
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