The 5 most impressive electric cars from the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

E-power goes mainstream
by Drei Laurel | Sep 15, 2019

Electric cars aren’t the next big thing anymore—they are the big thing as we speak. We’re well on our way to moving past the point of concepts and ideas, and entering the realm of mass-market viability. We don’t think you need further proof of this outside this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

As Top Gear deputy editor Jack Rix, who recently had the pleasure of milling about the Frankfurt 2019 show floor, puts it: “Electric cars are going mass-production; they’re entering the mainstream. They don’t look scary and jazzy and sci-fi anymore. They’re just cars.”

This year’s staging of the Frankfurt show saw several big-name brands jump into the world of EV production, and the results are more than impressive.

Obviously, there’s Porsche with the jaw-dropping Taycan—we’ve waited quite a while for the manufacturer to unveil that one. And then there’s Mini, which seems to have successfully transferred everything we love about the brand and packaged it into a cutesy clean electric Cooper. Of course, we need to mention the ID.3—more than enough penance for past diesel-related sins, we think.

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If we’re talking concepts, there’s the Hyundai 45 Concept—a preview of the brand’s future electric-powered offerings and an ode to 1974 Pony Coupe Concept—and the ultra-futuristic-looking Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS.

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If you want a peek at both the present and future of EVs, just press play on the video above. Which of Frankfurt 2019’s electric offerings impressed you the most?

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