Are you ready for a Ford Mustang Raptor?

Anything is possible these days
by Stephen Dobie | Sep 12, 2018
PHOTO: X-Tomi Design

Now that Ford has applied the Raptor treatment to both its F-150 and Ranger pick-ups, it seems fair game to assume it might start Raptoring everything.

Well, it does if you’re genius online render merchant X-Tomi Design, who’s given the blue paint, rubber body kit and hiked-up ride treatment to a Mustang. Whisper it, but we kinda like it.

Ford said, after all, that its electric SUV will have some Mustang influence in it. It’ll probably be a bit more subtle than hiking up a ‘Stang and whacking some batteries in it, but we live in hope nonetheless.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of X-Tomi’s Mustang Raptor. Whether you like the way it looks or not, surely a V8 rear-drive off-road toy on fat tires has the potential to be as fun as gasoline-powered transport gets?

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PHOTO: X-Tomi Design
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