Noise-canceling doghouse? Yep, Ford has made one

Now can they please make a hooman version?
by Stephen Dobie | Dec 19, 2018

Earlier in 2018, Ford announced it would stop making small cars and sedans. While you’d suspect the spare factory space and people power would be transferred to SUVs, you’d suspect wrong. Instead, the American carmaker is building doghouses.

This is Ford’s noise-canceling doghouse, and while it’s a prototype for now, any dog owner who’s ever seen his best friend quivering and shaking during a fireworks display will be hoping and begging it goes into production.

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Its tech works just like the noise-canceling systems in headphones and some cars. Microphones detect noises that are intruding inside, and speakers play opposing sounds that effectively cancel out what you don’t want to hear, providing some semblance of peace and quiet.

Ford hasn’t stopped there in providing your pooch with a cocoon of luxury. The doghouse has anti-vibration tech and an automatic door, and it’s made of a special cork that filters out even more noise. A production version likely won’t be cheap. And your dog will still probably sleep clumsily across your lap on the sofa, anyway.

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