Four scenarios where you should have the casa check your car

According to Ford PH
by | Dec 21, 2020
PHOTO: Ford Philippines

The year has been tough not just on us, but on our vehicles as well.

There was Taal Volcano’s phreatic eruption that covered our cars in problematic ash to start off the year. And of course, there was the enhanced community quarantine that forced us to keep our cars stuck at home for months. And lastly, there were the recent storms that hit the Philippines—specifically Typhoon Ulysses—that left thousands of flooded and damaged cars in their wakes.

In the midst of all these, Ford Philippines is reminding us car owners that it is adamant that we have our vehicles checked at an authorized dealership, especially given this year’s apocalyptic events. It has shared four scenarios wherein we should have the casa check our cars, as well as the corresponding reasons why. You can read on below:

1) You’ve missed out on your vehicle’s scheduled checkup.

It’s a given if you’ve missed your car’s preventive maintenance service schedule this year. But regardless of whether or not that’s the case, Ford is still recommending that its customers have their vehicles checked at Ford dealers to ensure the quality of service and that genuine parts are used.

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2) Your vehicle was inactive for months.

In addition to losing track of your car’s PMS schedule, there’s also a good chance that you had to leave your car stuck in your garage for months on end. This can also be due to all the work-from-home arrangements that many of us find themselves in.

Now, if this is the case, Ford suggests that before you drive out again, you should have your car serviced at the dealer to ensure its tip-top performance in the long run. Also, this applies especially to those whose vehicles are covered by Ford’s Premium Extended Warranty Service that covers parts and repairs for up to five years or 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

3) Your vehicle was affected by the recent typhoons and flooding.

As we mentioned earlier, the recent typhoons that ravaged through these parts have taken thousands of cars as victims. Ford says that if your car is one of these, you should schedule an appointment with a Ford dealer for a more thorough diagnosis and repairs.

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4) You’re heading out during the long holiday break.

Well, Christmas is just a few days away, and that means many of us are planning to drive out to take a break the holidays. Ford is recommending its customers that they bring their vehicles in for checkups before they embark on those long drives to avoid any mishaps on the road. And also, consider staying home if you’re going out for social gatherings; the virus is still out there.

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PHOTO: Ford Philippines
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