The Honda Jazz is still as fun and practical as ever

It's more stylish, too
by Jason Tulio | Mar 24, 2017

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We have a soft spot for hatchbacks here at Top Gear Philippines. And when it comes to small and versatile vehicles, the Honda Jazz is a solid favorite. There are few reasons for this: it's fun to drive, it saves you boatloads of fuel, and it has a cavernous interior. It pretty much ticks all the boxes of everything you'd want out of a relatively affordable hatchback. 

The current generation of the Jazz has the added bonus of looking more stylish than its predecessors. Our particular VX CVT test unit came in a striking Attract Yellow Pearl color, which stood out among the crowd. But even in other colors, its flashy design definitely attracts attention. 

From the punchy 1.5-liter engine, to the precise handling and spacious cargo room, the Jazz remains a great nameplate that's only gotten better and funkier with age. Check out our video above to learn more. 

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