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This ‘Korean BBQ Car’ will bring the joy of samgyup to your driveway

Someobody make this happen here
PHOTO: Strictly Dumpling

Pop open a food delivery app on your smartphone and you’re likely to come across a handful of Korean BBQ joints in there. Now, ordering from one is all fine and dandy if you’re absolutely desperate to satisfy your samgyup fix under lockdown, but otherwise, it’s not a very proper way to go about it.

Samgyeopsal isn’t just about getting your fill of Korean food—it’s about the experience. The smell and heat emanating from the grill, the sting of smoke in your eyes, and the joy of plate after plate of scrumptious meat and side dishes being plopped on your table with every passing order.

That said, somebody should really make this a thing here in the Philippines. Look:

The video by YouTube food vlogger Mikey Chen pretty much speaks for itself. The ‘Korean BBQ Car’ is exactly that—an old Scion XD converted into a mobile samgyup joint. A table pops out of the rear, complete with a gas grill in the center.

All you need is a nice juicy pile of Korean beef and pork and you’re good to go. Samgyup anytime, anywhere—now that’s a business plan anyone can get behind.

Frankly, this is about as good of a  ‘why didn’t I think of that’ idea as they come. Anyone here willing to throw some money at this proposition to make it happen locally?

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PHOTO: Strictly Dumpling
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