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We recently posted an article about taking your car for service before Holy Week, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some recommendations from our friends in the automotive industry when asked when the best time would be to bring your car in for service during Holy Week:

“I would always recommend following your car’s periodic maintenance intervals. For Nissan, that means 10,000km. So, if your car is almost due near Holy Week, just do it in advance because Holy Week normally means long drives for your car. If the car is older, that would be different altogether, so just have it checked beforehand just to be safe. Nissan has its Nissan Customer Assistance Center (403-6593 and 0927 600-9557) where customers can avail of 24/7 year-round towing nationwide, and this includes during the Holy Week. If your car is under warranty, the service is free." - Dax AvenidoNissan Philippines marketing manager

“Before Holy Week would be best to have your ride checked. This way, the bike is ready for any unplanned rides by the countryside or just going around the city.” - Gil Balderas, BMW Motorrad director

“First of all, one should be following the maintenance schedule. That is the most basic task. If one is doing this, they can usually rely on their vehicle to be in good working condition. This means that the timing of bringing your car to the casa will depend on the time when the unit was last serviced by the dealer. If the timing is within one to two months, then the owner can bring the car in advance to the dealer. For older units, I would suggest a quick check-up with the dealer before the Holy Week if they plan to travel to distant places, just to be doubly sure.” - Glen Dasig, Peugeot Philippines president and CEO

“If you have planned for a long trip, the obvious answer is to take your vehicle to the casa for the necessary maintenance before the trip. This gives you the confidence and the security about everyone’s safety. Bringing your car back after the Holy Week trip may be necessary if the trip you took was long and you think your vehicle was put through a grueling task” - Daniel Isla, Lexus Manila consultant for external affairs

“If the car will be used for a Holy Week road trip, it would be prudent to bring it in before so you can get it checked out for roadworthiness. From the shop’s point of view, if there is a long line, we prefer you take your car after the Holy Week break so it doesn’t get stuck in the facility.” - Fritz Juan, Eurospec Auto Shop owner


“It really depends, for newer cars, it doesn’t seem to matter much. For older ones, maybe better to go before Holy Week so that the car is road trip-ready.” - Sherwin Kuan, Honda Cars Philippines model sales group head

“It’s best to have your vehicle checked before the holidays. This should give you added security and peace of mind before hitting the road.” - Kat Lanot, Ford Philippines communications manager

“Unless you’re planning a ride during the Holy Week, best to go after to avoid the rush of Holy Week riders getting their bikes up to speed.” - Manu Sandejas, KTM Philippines GM

“Before Holy Week would be best to make sure your car is in tip-top condition before a long drive. Safety still matters above all.” - Jade Sison, Toyota Motor Philippines PR officer

Carlo Chungunco
A four-wheel, two-wheel and no-wheel enthusiast, Carlo believes RWD stands for "Right Wheel Drive" and that a petition should be started to save the manuals from their impending extinction.
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