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We render what we think a modern Civic EG Hatchback would look like

We update a ’90s icon for the 2020s
ILLUSTRATION: Andrew Guerrero

One of the Japanese car icons of the ’90s was the fifth-gen Honda Civic EG, the hatchback variant that stood out thanks to its sleek bullet-like shape and unique clamshell hatch design. Back in the ’90s and 2000s, you’d find many of these EG hatchbacks driven by college students. Never mind if most retained the stock Philippine-spec 1.2-liter engine. These cars still looked very cool especially when lowered and paired with 15- or 16-inch alloys shod with low profile tires. Over the years, the beloved Civic has evolved into a larger, more mature car.

We at Top Gear Philippines miss the good old EG hatchback, so we decided to bring it back—this time updated with modern bones and technology.

Our modern EG measures 4356mm x 1801mm x 1372mm, this makes its exterior dimensions quite compact by modern C-segment standards. Up front we’ve given it a cleaner front end reminiscent of the grille-less face of the classic EG Civic. We’ve also given it a lower profile hood to improve aerodynamics by reducing the frontal area.


Moving on to the sides, it retains the character lines of the other 2022 Civics. The biggest change is the slightly lower beltline and window frame-mounted side mirrors. The front fenders and headlight clusters are shared with other 11th-gen Civics. The large rear windows and upright C-pillars recall those found on the fifth-gen hatch. At the back, it features a split-type clamshell hatch similar to the classic EG. Like the previous USDM Civic Coupe, our Civic hatch has a lower roofline when compared to other 2022 Civics.

To improve its practicality and useability, the rear clamshell design has been updated. The dampened lower section now features a flat inner surface that lines up with the adjustable cargo floor and rear seatbacks when folded down.

Our modern EG hatch uses a shortened version of the 11th-gen Civic’s platform. We’ve trimmed about 76mm from the wheelbase. It will retain the front MacPherson strut suspension and rear multi-link setup as its sedan and five-door siblings. To further reduce weight, our modern EG has an aluminum hood and a composite tailgate. The SiR variant has a target curb weight of 1250kg.

There will be three engine options during its imaginary launch—a 144hp 1.8-liter i-VTEC mill, a 180hp 1.5-liter turbo motor, and a higher output boosted 1.5-liter powerplant with over 200hp for the SiR variant. The latter will only be available with a six-speed manual transmission. A Hybrid e:HEV variant will be added for the Japanese and European markets.

Are there any Civic EG hatchback fans out there? Would you consider this if Honda built it?

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ILLUSTRATION: Andrew Guerrero
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