Are you a newbie off-roader? Don't make these mistakes (Part 2)

Learn from a veteran
by Jason Tulio | Nov 23, 2017


So you've bought a rugged, ready-for-anything 4x4 for the first time, and you just can't wait to drive over the roughest, slipperiest bit of dirt you can find. You're not afraid of anything, you tell yourself. You're a different kind of animal. Those horror stories you've heard from veteran off-roaders can't possibly happen to you, right? 

Just hold on a second there, newbie. We get that you're excited, but venturing into parts unknown without the proper equipment and know-how can be very dangerous. You could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with no assistance, no cellphone signal, and no food. Oh, and your beloved new ride that's now stuck in the dirt? That's not going anywhere unless you know what you're doing. The veterans share their stories and advice with you so you don't end up in that exact situation. 

In part 2 of our off-road series, veteran off-roader Beeboy Bargas sheds some light on more common newbie mistakes he's seen in his decades on the trails. From what you shouldn't wear on your feet to how you should space out your convoy, Beeboy's advice will help you make the most of your off-road adventure.

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