This is proof that old-school Hilux trucks are invincible

Can anything kill this beast?
by Rowan Horncastle | Jul 4, 2018

Rock crawling is the art of smashing a car up the biggest set of boulders you can find until it either conquers them, or the diffs explode. Americans love it. The key to a successful rock crawler is normally a car with massive articulation, lots of torque and diff locks. Or, as you can see from the video above, a Toyota Hilux.

As you well know, an old-shape Hilux is the most indestructible car in the world. No matter whether you decide to drown it, torch it, crash it, pummel it or simply drop it from outer space, with a turn of a key it'll fire back up and chug along minding its own business. But aside from being the weapon of choice for apocalypse militias, the mighty pickup truck also seems to be a furiously talented rock crawler.

Highlighted spectacularly by a rather committed driver in the video above, he points his battered exoskeleton'd Hilux at a bunch of rocks and buries his foot. It totters over one to the point where the driver's door is scratching along the floor, to then swing the other way—for a bottle of soda to jettison itself from the cabin—onto the passenger's door before digging itself out of such an extreme angle (the fuel is pouring out of the filler cap for Pete's sake) and continuing up the trail like 'no biggie.'

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How it didn't end up on its roof, we'll never know…

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