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Honda CR-V

Thanks to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we often feel like nothing can shock us on social media anymore. But the truth is that we still stumble upon surprises--both pleasant and otherwise--every now and then. Take this one for example.

We all know that a crossover vehicle is one that combines the attributes of two or more vehicle types to form a pretty versatile car. For instance, you take the chassis of a passenger sedan and give it the body of a funky SUV, and you have a crossover. Examples are the Ford EcoSport and the Mitsubishi ASX.

Unfortunately, it turns out not everyone got the memo. Including this dude.


Definition of "crossover vehicle"


For those who do not speak Filipino, here's a rough translation of the amusing defition of "crossover vehicle":

Crossover means it came from another country, not because it combines the chassis of a sedan and an SUV. Like the [Honda] CR-V. It's a crossover vehicle because it's not just in Asia that you will see it; you'll find one in any part of the world. Unlike the [Mitsubishi] Adventure AUV. It's an Asian utility vehicle because it was released only in Asia.

That's why it pays to read, guys. And visit our website (apologies for the self-promotion).

Shared by Edsel Marte Saavedra


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