The new Subaru XV is an example of why crossovers are trendy

We attended the launch in Taiwan
by Dinzo Tabamo | Aug 19, 2017

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Crossovers are so handy it's amazing no one thought of them sooner. They have the comfort of a sedan, most of the ground clearance of a typical SUV, and the space of a hatchback. And lately all of them are sport great designs. 

Case in point is the all-new, second-generation Subaru XV. Its predecessor was a runaway hit for the Japanese carmaker, despite not having a turbocharger. It reached out to a new market that wanted the stability of all-wheel drive, the Japanese build quality, and a bit of performance. 

We were able to sample the new XV during its launch in Taiwan a few months ago, and it is better than the first generation in every way. And because they look so alike, there's a strong visual continuity here too. Current owners will likely be tempted to upgrade, and it'll bring in new buyers as well. 

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The official Philippine launch is happening in a few weeks, so stay tuned for updates about this cool crossover. 

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