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The 2017 Toyota 86 is fun personified


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In this world of turbochargers and automatic boxes that can shift quicker than Schumacher, the Toyota 86 stands out as somewhat of an ode to a simpler time. It's got that classic sports car look, a punchy naturally aspirated engine, and comes with the option of a bolt-action stick shift.

We say 'somewhat' because it does come with its share of modern amenities, like an infotainment system and LED lights. Pair those up with a drift-happy rear-wheel drivetrain, and you've got a car that thrills your senses with every drive. 

It's no secret that we've been in love with the 86 since it first launched five years ago. The facelift last year featured some new aggressive design cues, reigniting our love for this sports coupe. For this test drive, we exchanged the congested streets of Manila for the wide-open roads of Clark, Pampanga. There we were able to enjoy it on some smooth bits of pavement. We also found a nice dirt patch where we could kick up dust clouds for the cameras.

Press play on the video above to hear our impressions of the 2017 Toyota 86. Let us know what you think about the sports car in the comments.

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