This Supra render pays homage to the Mk4

There's a lot of love for this model
by Greg Potts | Jan 19, 2019
PHOTO: Roman Miah

To this day, the Mk4 Toyota Supra remains one of the greatest sports cars to come out of the Japanese motoring industry—and the recent launch of its bigger brother has got millennials and more pining for the good old days.

The design of the new Supra has split opinion, and after seeing this render inspired by the A80 we can’t help but think about what could have been.

Adding that classic spoiler was of course a necessity, and the offset, single-exit exhaust would provide pure theater.

Those famous circular lights are also instantly recognisable 21st century versions of the Mk4’s, and the whole rear end of the car is squared off so it doesn’t look as melty as Toyota’s effort (don’t lie, you know what we mean).

So, Internet, would you have preferred a bit more retro with your modern-day Supra? Let us know below.

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PHOTO: Roman Miah
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