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Watching someone unbox P50,000 worth of racing wheels is oddly calming

PHOTO: TheRelaxingEnd

Call us materialistic, but we take great pleasure in unpacking something brand-new and untouched by the spoiled grimy hands of…well, okay, our spoiled grimy hands.

Maybe it’s the latest gadget or a toy we’ve had our eyes on for quite some time. Regardless, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of peeling off plastic film and cutting open boxes in a clean, orderly manner. And in cases where the object of our desire is well out of budget, well, we dig watching other people unbox these as well.

If you can relate, chances are you already follow TheRelaxingEnd’s YouTube channel. The dude is the ultimate unboxer online. No talk, no fancy camera angles or cinematic shots, just pure unboxing bliss. Here, he unboxes $1,000 (P50,000) worth of racing wheels courtesy of Thrustmaster. Watch:

The first unboxing is a Thrustmaster T-GT II, while the next two are special racing wheel replicas from two of the most iconic Ferrari vehicles ever created: The SF1000 and 250 GTO. Nice.

We’ve featured the Thrustmast SF1000 replica before, and that one alone costs a cool $350 (almost P17,000). With the T-Chrono paddles seen here, the unit you see being unboxed should cost upwards of P20,000, though. And while the 250 GTO appears pretty archaic in terms of features, it’s hard to argue with the clean, classic aesthetic it provides.

Tell us, are you someone who rips things right out of the box after purchase, or do you take your sweet time unboxing something as well? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: TheRelaxingEnd
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