Video: Land Rover Club PH shows us the true meaning of Christmas

An awesome car club indeed
by Drei Laurel | Dec 22, 2015

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Tuck those presents underneath your trees because Christmas is nearly upon us--as if you couldn't tell by the colorful decorations, repetitive tunes, and the river of red lights that is EDSA. Come to think of it, sitting in our cars, immobilized by the sluggish flow of holiday's the perfect time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, which is giving back.

We know it's cheesy, but we honestly believe it. The guys from the Land Rover Club of the Philippines know what we're talking about. They invited us to join them in Tarlac to give back to the community of one of their often-used trails--a simple token of appreciation.

The program was an extremely joy-filled and humbling affair. Putting a smile on people's faces is absolutely priceless. If you're having trouble remembering what the holidays are all about, maybe our exclusive video will remind you.

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