Video: SUV fans, off-road enthusiasts should see this

4x4 sport-utes get down and dirty
by Dinzo Tabamo | May 12, 2016

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If you’ve been to a local motor show recently, you should know that the aftermarket industry has a full-blown love affair with SUVs--especially Toyota FJ Cruisers.

One of the more familiar names for those who are into modifying utes is Black Rhino wheels. And to highlight how capable these rims are in their element, distributor Wheel Gallery gathered a group of 4x4 SUVs shod with Black Rhinos and had them drive on the Mount Pinatubo trail.

While the wheels looked good in pristine condition, getting covered in mud and sand only heightened their appeal. Watching these off-road beasts roll over dunes and cross streams is almost as fun as being inside the cabin.

So if you have a stock 4x4 truck, you’re sitting on unrealized potential. Maybe it’s time to go on the path less paved.

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