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This is what a $2.5-M RV once owned by Will Smith looks like

The one RV to rule them all?
PHOTO: Barcroft Cars

Overlanding is nice, but if you want to keep your experience on the road completely plush, owning a recreational vehicle (RV) might still be the way to go—at least if you have a ton of dough to throw.

Exhibit A: This ridiculously luxurious RV that was once owned by none other than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith. Price tag? A cool $2.5 million (over P128 million).

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The Barcroft Cars official YouTube channel recently featured the vehicle, and let’s just say if you own something like this, you might never want to stay put in a house and lot again.

Some of the A-lister amenities inside Smith’s former home away from home include a 30-person screening room, a $200,000 (P10 million) kitchen, and a whopping $300,000 (P15.3 million) worth of leather. It runs on 22 wheels, expands upwards, and features a lower level with four pop-out rooms. In total, this thing carries around 111 square meters of space. Look:

Video tour of the $2.5-million RV once owned by Will Smith:

Why Smith would let go of a fine piece of RV like this? We can only assume he ended up buying something even nicer. Tell us, would you rather live in a nice luxury condo or live life on the move inside something like this?

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PHOTO: Barcroft Cars
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