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Report: Woman had to book flight to claim her brand-new car due to low supply at dealerships

Now that’s what we call dedication
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Few things are more disheartening to a hopeful car buyer than finding a long wait is in order before he or she can take delivery of her unit. Even worse? If the dealership doesn’t have any units to sell.

This didn’t stop one car shopper in California from buying a ride, though. According to a report by ABC Channel 25, this was exactly the dilemma Debby Gossett found herself in while trying to buy a brand-new Lincoln Aviator in a color and option package she wanted.

The supply shortage was so bad, in fact, that she couldn’t even find a dealership with a unit she could try out. Instead of accepting defeat, Gossett continued to search dealerships across the US for her vehicle of choice.

Her hunt eventually led her to a dealership over a thousand miles away in Texas. So she booked a flight over to the dealership to pick up her brand-new Lincoln and proceeded to drive the vehicle back 21 hours to her home. Damn.

The Zephyr name lives again, but this time with a Lincoln badge

Gossett said finding her unit was like looking for a needle in a haystack. She said, however, that she actually found the experience pretty enjoyable.

“Flew from California to Texas to buy a car,” she said. “I’m always down for an adventure, so it was actually really fun to do!”

The new car owner also advised motorists not to settle for anything other than what they set their sights on buying.


“Cars are so expensive right now. You should be able to get exactly what you want and be willing to make a sacrifice.”

Now if that isn’t car nut mentality, we don’t know what is. Enjoy your brand-new ride, Debby. You definitely deserve it.

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