Best of YouTube: How to take better car photos

Sometimes, auto mode just doesn’t cut it
by Lije Martin | Jul 26, 2019
PHOTO: Tao Hudson

How to take better car photos

Any photographer knows that going full auto and letting the camera do all the work isn’t always the best way to go, and this is particularly true with automotive photography. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on taking portfolio-worthy car photos.

Old but gold

Just like the old-school box-type Mercedes-Benzes you can see driving around the city every now and then, the older Volvos were built incredibly solid. Here’s why these reliable vehicles, dubbed for years as the ‘Safest Car in the World,’  can last for almost a lifetime.

A ‘Chedeng’ we all know

Speaking of old school Mercedes-Benzes, Ramon Bautista steps in the driver’s seat of this Mercedes-Benz 200G W123Performance nito parang sports car tsaka economy car combined…yung bilis ng economy car mo nandito—so mabagal, pero, kasing gandang gas consumption ng sports car, quips the owner. Despite that, as far as appearances are concerned, this car remains an old-school stunner.

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The future is looking good

Gorgeous, isn’t it? This is the BMW Vision Next 100, a look at the brand’s goals for the next 100 years and how they plan on changing the way we drive (or the way cars drive us, rather). Can you envision this car roaming our local roads in the distant future?

Do you dig this RWD WRX?

This Subaru WRX owner loves drifting, but at the same time loves the design of the Subaru WRX hatchback. Eager to clash the two interests together, he produced this bad boy, an RWD Subaru WRX. The AWD to RWD conversion isn’t something you see every day, so what do you think about this build?

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PHOTO: Tao Hudson
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