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Video: Someone is slotting a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota 86

This project car is insane

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It didn’t take long for people to start fitting V8 engines to the Toyota 86, although the V8 in question is normally an off-the-shelf job. But this particular 86 is soon to be equipped with a V8 that’s a bit rarer than your typical Chevy LS3. Because it’s the naturally aspirated 4.5-liter from the Ferrari 458.

At least, that’s what this tantalizing teaser video promises. Details are scant, but it looks as though the 86’s chassis has been heavily altered to accommodate the thing, and there’s no word on what gearbox it will be mated to. Ferrari never offered a three-pedal manual, after all.

Drifter Ryan Tuerck is behind the project, and the build itself is being done by Huddy Motorsports in San Diego. On his Facebook page, Tuerck says it should be finished by October. Excellent news.

Watch the video.

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