Honda's defective airbag isn't the carmaker's fault after all

The supplier is to blame
Apr 11, 2013
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Honda's defective airbag isn't the carmaker's fault

Honda apparently isn't the only Japanese carmaker conducting a recall regarding faulty passenger airbags. Toyota, Nissan and Mazda have also announced their respective recalls for the same issue.

According to, besides the 1.14 million units being recalled by Honda globally, also affected by the same problem are 1.73 million Toyota vehicles, 480,000 Nissan vehicles, and 45,000 Mazda vehicles.

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Clearly, a problem of this magnitude means the recall isn't manufacturer-related. Instead, the problem lies with the four carmakers' original equipment manufacturer supplier, which happens to be Takata. At the press conference called by Honda Cars Philippines today to announce the recall, we personally verified--through the defective component presented by the carmaker--that it is indeed made by the popular car-safety equipment maker.

So, before we blame a car manufacturer when it announces a recall, let's remember that, of the thousands of parts and components used to assemble a car, not every one of them is made by the carmaker.

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