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Toyota Innova Indonesia production

Earlier this month, Toyota unveiled the second-generation Innova. The hot-selling multipurpose vehicle now boasts a more premium feel, with equally upscale features and a design that seems more crossover than MPV.

After barely two weeks of waiting, the Japanese car giant has announced the start of vehicle production of the all-new Innova at its plant in Karawang, Indonesia. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) kicked off the launch with a ceremony that was attended by top Toyota executives, government dignitaries, and the media.

While the Innova--along with its Kijang/Tamaraw/Revo forebearers--has long been assembled in Indonesia, the latest iteration marks a milestone as this model consists of up to 85% local content. In fact, TMMIN has increased its supplier base to 123 companies, with 16 firms joining the chain. Of course, Toyota Indonesia and its parent company, Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, ensure that each and every one of these suppliers meets the most stringent quality-control requirements.

Speaking of the Tamaraw, TMMIN has been building Toyota’s workhorse models since 1977, when the Asian utility vehicle was first unveiled. It has continued to churn out the nameplate’s subsequent generations, such as the Tamaraw FX and the Revo of the ’90s, and the Innova that followed suit. The Indonesian manufacturer has likewise exported said units to countries in and around the region.

As for our own market, Toyota Motor Philippines has also been assembling the models for local consumption. This means local suppliers have likewise been given the chance to show off what they are capable of--providing parts for quality vehicles that have served families and businesses for more than two decades now.

And with the start of the Indonesian plant’s production of the new Innova, it is only a matter of time before TMP rolls out the first locally produced unit from its Santa Rosa, Laguna, plant. In fact, the company may already be laying the groundwork as we write this. Wait for it.



Toyota Innova Indonesia production

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