White was the world’s most popular car color in 2020

by Drei Laurel | Dec 15, 2020
PHOTO: Toyota

White, along with other tones like gray and silver, are the easiest car colors to take care of. From a practical standpoint, you can’t go wrong with going neutral with your ride’s paint job. You will, however, want to look elsewhere if you want to stand out.

According to international powder coating supplier Axalta’s 2020 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, white is currently the world’s most popular car color. The study found that a whopping 38% of vehicles on the road today are white, and this is the 10th consecutive year the color topped the report.

The results aren’t even close, with black and gray coming in at second and third with 19% and 15%, respectively. Silver comes in at fourth with 9%, though the company says this color option saw declined this past year with many opting to go for black (a favorite among luxury car owners) instead.

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While it doesn’t show up in the numbers, Axalta added that there’s an interesting uptick in the use of unique shades of green-blue and green-yellow. Finishes with fine flake effects are also growing in popularity.

You can check out the full results of the report below:

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  1. White – 38%
  2. Black – 19%
  3. Gray – 15%
  4. Silver – 9%
  5. Blue – 7%
  6. Red – 5%
  7. Brown/beige – 3%
  8. Yellow/gold – 2%
  9. Green – 1%
  10. Others – 1%

“The consumer purchasing trends reflected in the report drive our development of innovative colors for the future,” Nancy Lockhart, global product manager of color at Axalta, said in a statement. “We’re pleased to share this data with our customers and bring together our industry-leading color technology, deep market experience, and trend data to work with our customers to bring dynamic colors to life.”

Do you agree with Axalta’s findings? Let us know in the comments what color you went with when you last bought a brand-new car.

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PHOTO: Toyota
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