Land Rover wants to help you preserve your old ride

By launching a heritage division
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Apr 17, 2015

Land Rover wants to help you preserve your classic ride

For many car enthusiasts, restoring or maintaining their cherished ride is the way to go. Sure, there are other automobiles out there. But nothing beats preserving a prized beauty, especially if it's a classic.

One of the favorite vehicle projects for restoration is the classic Range Rover. Many off-road fans and city dwellers love how it affords them go-anywhere capability, comfort and even a bit of luxury all at the same time. And we're talking about vintage Range Rovers--those that were produced back in 1970.

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But we all know that maintaining older vehicles can sometimes be a pain. Land Rover understands this and has launched the Land Rover Heritage division at this year's Techno Classica in Essen, Germany. The division's name alone is a dead giveaway of what this new special vehicle operations division does: It is here to help vintage Land Rover owners keep their rigs in top form.

The Land Rover Heritage division, just like its Jaguar Heritage division counterpart, offers parts and services for vehicles that have been off the production line for over a decade. These include body parts and panels, various trim pieces, and even extended servicing parts that are otherwise hard to find at your local haunts.

Now, Land Rover owners need not go far to look for parts for their Range Rover classic, Range Rover P38, and Discovery I and II. The British SUV maker has also announced that it will provide for 15 years replacement parts of the current Defender, which is about to be phased out.

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Apart from this, the Land Rover Heritage division will be launching Land Rover Heritage Drives. This will allow Land Rover owners the chance to drive the well-preserved heritage collection in and around a special 200-acre course in Warwickshire in Central England. And when we say Heritage Land Rovers, we mean the vehicles that date as far back as 1948, when the first Land Rover was manufactured. Roughly 70% of these beauties still roam the world today. So what better excuse to form a special division that will help preserve these, right?

Looking to restore or preserve your prized Land Rover? Let's hope Land Rover Philippines can also launch the program here to help Filipino customers keep their pride and joy in tip-top shape for years to come.

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