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The next few days might be the perfect time to bring your Lexus in for an oil change

PHOTO: Lexus

Lexus Philippines has been a very generous car brand lately—not just because of special deals and financing options on a handful of its offerings, but because of discounts on some of its services and products, too.

The luxury car brand is offering a 40% discount on its genuine fully-synthetic engine oils to customers that avail of a periodic maintenance service on February 24, 26, and 28. Besides this, customers can get better rates on the following services and products:

  1. Lexus BactaKlenz service - 20% off
  2. Ultra-violet lamp and air purifier bundle - 20% off
  3. Ultra-violet lamp - 10% off
  4. Air purifier - 10% off

Lexus has been in PH market for 13 years now

Interested Lexus owners can avail of these deals at the Lexus Manila showroom, as well as Toyota Mandaue-South, Toyota Davao City, Toyota San Fernando, Toyota Santa Rosa, and Toyota La Union.

Frankly, if you own a Lexus, freeing up your vehicle for an oil change on the aforementioned dates should be a priority. A 40% discount on engine oil isn’t chump change. Will you be availing of any of these offers?

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PHOTO: Lexus
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