Nissan was a very green car company this past year

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by Drei Laurel | Dec 27, 2018
PHOTO: Nissan

Over 380,000 units—this is the number of zero-emission electric vehicles Nissan has put on the road since it first started mass-producing EVs. That’s a lot of cars, and the Japanese carmaker is showing no signs of stopping.

By 2022, Nissan hopes to have more than one million electric cars in consumers’ garages. It’s a lofty goal, no doubt, but the company says it’s already well on its way toward achieving it.

For one thing, the Nissan Leaf is already set to go on sale in parts of Asia and Oceania. This includes markets like Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. No word on whether or not the Leaf will be making its way here to the Philippines soon, but we asked Nissan’s global director of EV business, Nicholas Thomas, back in July regarding the model’s local arrival, and he didn’t rule out the possibility.

What’s more, the manufacturer has confirmed it has eight new pure EVs in its pipeline. This includes a new EV kei car in Japan, a global EV crossover inspired by the Nissan IMx Concept, and new Infiniti models.

In August, Nissan and the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) of Thailand signed a memorandum of agreement that will see both parties working together to build EV infrastructure. The Leaf made its Thai debut just earlier this month, and it is now available in 33 dealerships across the country.

Could we see the Leaf here soon, too? Again, it’s too early to tell. But our lungs are already breathing a little bit easier knowing carmakers are just as distressed over our planet’s current plight as we are. Check out the infographic below to see Nissan’s other green accomplishments in 2018:

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PHOTO: Nissan
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