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Report: Public transport in NCR might return to 100% capacity under Alert Level 1

PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño

The Metro Manila Council unanimously voted to downgrade the current COVID-19 restrictions in the capital to Alert Level 1 starting March 1. While Malacañang has yet to announce its final decision, it already appears that we’re about to see even more changes next week.

According to a report by, authorities are now studying the return of 100% operational capacity for public transport in NCR. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) officer-in-charge Romando Artes told ANC that the new guidelines will be discussed together with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and other government agencies on Monday.

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“Based on initial discussions with undersecretary Steve Pastor of the land transport sector of DOTr, they’re planning to open all the routes and they are preparing for 100% capacity in all public transport,” said Artes.

These aren’t the only changes that are set to come next week, as the MMDA has also floated the idea of expanding the number-coding scheme in Metro Manila. Read more about that one here.

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PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño
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