Mazda executives have practically announced the return of the rotary engine

Mazda's big surprise at Tokyo Motor Show
by Tracy Carpena | Oct 27, 2015

Mazda rotary engine

Before we had our first taste of authentic sushi in Japan on the night before the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, we had an appetizing, bite-size piece of juicy information from Mazda executives.

"Someday--in the not-too-distant future--that rotary engine will come back and it will be called Skyactiv-R."

This was the closing statement of Mazda managing executive officer for R&D and cost innovation, Kiyoshi Fujiwara. "Not-too-distant future" may mean in the next few hours, when the Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors to the global press.

The Japanese carmaker’s design chief Ikuo Maeda took the stage afterward to talk about the sports car concept that the company will unveil at the biennial auto show. "I have dreamed about this for so many years," he said. The executive didn’t reveal much, and the video he presented showed nothing more than the car’s silhouette.

Mazda first unveiled the rotary engine at the 10th Tokyo Motor Show back in 1963. Some 50 years later, the company’s big bosses intend to keep the legacy alive.

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"For Mazda engineers, the rotary engine is a symbol of our 'never stop challenging' philosophy," said Fujiwara. "It must be passed on to the next generation of engineers. I believe that as a company, continuing work on the rotary engine is synonymous with strengthening our brand."

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We can’t wait to see this sports car concept--and its production version. Who's with us?


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