What\'s the favorite car brand of the original Autobots?

Clue: It\'s Japanese
Feb 1, 2011

Two years before Megan Fox was born, the original Transformers TV animation series went on air and was broadcast for three years until its demise in 1987. Back then, Bumblebee was a Volkswagen Beetle, not the current-generation Chevrolet Camaro that kids know today. Back then, Jazz was a Porsche 911 and not a Pontiac Solstice. And back then, Skids was a Honda City Turbo, not a Chevrolet Spark.

While the current film series of Michael Bay would have you believe that Optimus Prime and his Autobots had an exclusive contract with General Motors, the truth is that the original Autobots were a completely varied fleet that consisted of different car makes. For those of you who are too young to remember the animated TV series, a website called CarInsurance.org went through the trouble of commissioning someone to compile the entire lineup of the original Autobots in a cool illustration.

True, this illustrated Autobots chart may have a few factual errors here and there, but overall it\'s a piece of robotic genius. The errors notwithstanding, the chart even ranks the most preferred car brands of the Autobots. Topping the list is Nissan, which apparently lent its car bodies to five Autobots: Prowl (280ZX), Ratchet (Onebox Vanette), Ironhide (Onebox Vanette), Bluestreak (280ZX), and Streetwise (300ZX).

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Tied for second place are Lamborghini and Mitsubishi, with four cars borrowed from each by the Autobots. Lamborghini was used by Sideswipe (Countach), Sunstreaker (Countach), Red Alert (Countach), and Counterpunch (Diablo). Mitsubishi, meanwhile, was picked by Hound (J59 military jeep), Grapple (Fuso truck), Inferno (Fuso truck), and Hot Spot (Fuso truck).

Tied for fourth are Toyota and Pontiac with three cars each. Trailbreaker (Hilux), Hoist (Hilux) and First Aid (Hiace) opted for Toyota, while Windcharger (Trans Am), Tailgate (Trans Am) and Punch (Fiero) went for Pontiac.

Both Land Rover and Volkswagen had two cars used by the Autobots. Brawn and Outback chose the off-road specialist, while Bumblebee and Goldbug transformed from a Beetle.

We wonder what cars these Autobots might have used had the animated series been produced today. We seriously think there would be some Hyundais and BMWs in there. Maybe some Fords, too. Any suggestions?



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Image from CarInsurance.org

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