Rest in peace
We're not certain how many of our readers follow the world of fashion, but those of you who do would've been hit by some depressing news earlier this week: Virgil Abloh, the founder of the Off-White brand, passed away
Quite possibly the most obnoxious, too
Supreme isn't new to slapping its branding onto automotive products. Last year, the lifestyle company partnered with Lamborghini to produce some in-your-face apparel for the supercar manufacturer, and its collaboration with Mac Tools would look right at home in
Someone isn’t happy
Remember Philipp Plein? Yeah, the Instagram-happy fashion designer who's battled legal issues with Ferrari over the past year for allegedly using the brand's cars to promote his product on social media (in rather questionable fashion, we might add). Well,
As much as a Honda Civic
With public transport being halted every few weeks, people are turning to affordable personal transport in the form of motorcycles or bicycles. But we doubt if anyone is considering personal transport of this kind.We recently spotted art influencer and businessman Bigboy
The car will be on display at this year’s New York Fashion Week
Breaking news: A car manufacturer has undertaken a project in collaboration with a fashion designer, and the result doesn't make us want to be sick in our hands.Far from it, too-because this fully-restored 964-generation Porsche 911 Carrera
A collaboration between the Italian fashion house and the American carmaker
Car brands partnering up with fashion houses is nothing new. As a matter of fact, we've seen plenty of watchmakers collaborating with carmakers, enticing gearheads who also have a soft spot for collecting classic timepieces with their offerings.This season, Italian
The Italian brand is threatening legal action
Apparently, owning the keys to a Ferrari doesn't necessarily mean you can do whatever you want with it for all of social media to behold.German fashion designer Philipp Plein was threatened by the Italian supercar manufacturer with legal action over
Gianni Agnelli had a bit of a thing about style
If you inherit a business empire, what is your next move? Do you work hard to grow the company your family built up, or do you continue gadding about the place as an international playboy? If you are Gianni Agnelli, you do
The work of White Mountaneering's Yosuke Aizawa
So we're not exactly fashion experts here at Top Gear PH. Not when our daily attire consists of broken-in jeans and a never-ending rotation of car-related T-shirts. But when the photos here popped up on our radar,
Fancy stuff
Rolls-Royce has always been about premium, good-looking cars. Inside, outside, under the hood--it doesn't matter. If it's a Rolls-Royce, you know you're going to enjoy laying your eyes on it. These rides are fashion on
What would LaFerrari look like?
We've seen movies and TV shows that feature anthropomorphic cars--or cars with human attributes. Cars, Herbie, Knight Rider. But how about depicting automobiles as actual human beings? That's what Latvian-born fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta has recently done for
Car culture at its sartorial best
You don't need a floor plan to be able to tell that Mazda Philippines has the largest display in the ongoing 2015 Manila International Auto Show. Upon entering the World Trade Center's main hall, you will see that the entire
They\'re very expensive, mind you
Let\'s face it: Most of us will never get to own a Ferrari in our lifetime. Especially if we don\'t enter politics or engage in some curious commercial undertaking. But it\'s never wrong to dream. It is probably for
The perfect gift for Globe Telecom's Tonino Lamborghini broadband stick users?
Lamborghini is practically obsessed with carbon fiber because after swathing nearly every component of its supercars in the strong yet lightweight material, the Italian carmaker is now using it in its first carbon-fiber bag collection.Usually utilized in industrial applications that
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