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Save the dates
Good news for fans of the OPM scene: MG Philippines is bringing together some of our country's best musical acts for another virtual Christmas concert series this year.For 2021, MG Live! Salubong will feature performances from several top local musicians,
There are Halloween-themed podcasts and playlists available
If you're looking for new content to listen to when you're on the road, here's something that might pique your interest, especially with Halloween right around the corner: Spotify's 'spooky streams.'The streaming platform just released curated Halloween-
Only 100 of these will be released globally
Japanese carmaker Lexus and American musical instrument manufacturer Fender have teamed up to build a very special guitar. Say hello to the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster.It's a combination of two of Lexus' and Fender's most popular creations, the LC
Clue: It’s Italian
The Internet's been buzzing today about the new 'Lalisa' music video that just dropped on YouTube. It's part of the solo debut of Thai artist Lisa, the resident rapper of South Korean girl group Blackpink. You don't even need
Say hello to Spotify Premium Mini
Been on the fence about getting a Spotify subscription? Here's one package you might want to consider: Spotify Premium Mini.This is the audio streaming provider's new "bite-sized" prepaid plan that allows users to subscribe for one day or
Would you buy one of these?
Playing a track via your car's Bluetooth setup is a pretty straightforward affair: You connect to an infotainment system, and after a few taps of its touchscreen, you're good to go.But what if you drive an older vehicle without
Get ready to be hit right in the feels
There's something about the rain that just makes you want to sit at home, put on some senti music, and chill out with a warm drink in hand. Perfect scenario, right?Well, life is far from perfect, and we're sometimes
It provides easy and seamless Spotify access to anyone behind the wheel
Playing music inside our cars has become more and more seamless these days. In-car entertainment really has come a long way-from AUX cables and simple Bluetooth connections, we now have modern-day features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at
Consider it an investment
When was the last time you had a seamless online meeting with your workmates? If you are lucky enough to answer that you regularly do so, then the rest who don't might want to check out Bose's new Work lineup.
The legendary guitarist passed away on October 7, 2020
If you grew up in the '70s or '80s and happen to have a passion for automobiles, you already know the story behind Van Halen's 'Panama'. If not, go on and open Spotify, listen to the track, and keep an ear
Do you still remember OK Go’s ‘Needing/Getting’ starring the Chevrolet Sonic?
In the not-so-deep depths of YouTube lies arguably one of the greatest videos to ever feature a car: the official music video of 'Needing/Getting' by American rock band OK Go.Starring in the video were the four band members-
This is how you gather a thousand people while enforcing social distancing
Hyundai may have given us a glimpse of what's to come once this pandemic is over, as it just recently held the 'Stage X Drive-in Concert' in Seoul, South Korea.Stage X, which is now in its second year, is
Proceeds will go to beneficiaries that support our healthcare workers
MG Philippines is no stranger to teaming up with Filipino bands and artists. In fact, it has already hosted a number of free shows through its MG Live! concert series, some of which have even coincided with car launches in the past
We all want a good time this season, don’t we?
We Filipinos-especially those residing in the metro-know how crazy the city streets get during the holidays. As special as Christmas time is here in the Philippines, some of us dread it knowing the 'ber' months and the weeks leading up
It really does feel nostalgic
Hi, fellow commuters! Come on, admit it: Your morning and evening UV rides are so frustrating-and such a waste of precious time-that you sometimes listen to music and pretend like you're in a dramatic music video. Sure, the person
Ingat sa ‘rakenrol’
The song above is one of my all-time favorite songs to drive to. Aside from the fact that the lyrics are literally about pushing a car to its limits, its upbeat tempo and adrenaline-inducing solo just makes you want to
‘Senti’ mode on
There's just something about the rain that brings out the senti in all of us. Maybe it's the drop in temperature or the gloomy atmosphere, or perhaps the sound of raindrops. We're not entirely sure.Relate much? Then chances
Test drive some MGs, too
If you are a fan of good Filipino music and cool cars with British pedigree, then the MG Live! concert series is something to look forward to. The first leg was held in SM Megamall last weeked, with top billing belonging to
A few taps is all it takes, fallin' in love with me
Do you have aspirations of becoming a music producer? Or do you have a list of new rules that you just have to count in a song? If so, then Jaguar's new software might interest you.The British carmaker has
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