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“When you are in the car, nobody can say it’s a man or a woman driving”
It was only a few minutes into Michèle Mouton: Queen of Speed that I started to get emotional. The feeling only got stronger as Mouton, recalling her legendary rally career of 40 years ago, said two simple sentences: "Motorsport was a
It’s a brave new world
The 2022 season marks the 50th edition of the World Rally Championship, and as the series approaches a half-century of birthdays, it's time to shake things up. There's a new rulebook in play, which means saying a fond farewell
The most extreme version of the hot hatch yet?
The GR Yaris won't just be kicking dirt when it takes to the French Alps this year. For 2022, the hot hatch is kicking its reliance on fossil fuels, too.Toyota recently unveiled the successor to its 2021 World Rally Championship
Beginning this season, WRC is going hybrid
A new generation of rules are being introduced for the World Rally Championship in 2022, and less than a fortnight out from the start of the season, Hyundai has revealed its contender.The i20N Rally1-taking its name from the fresh regs-
Place your bets
Yes, that headline sounds like the start of a very lame motorsport joke. Also, the activity in question is like comparing apples to oranges. So, why do it? Because you take any opportunity you can to make things go fast on a
A hidden gem hiding in plain sight
If you ever come across what looks like a hidden gem of a car stashed away inside an inconspicuous parking lot somewhere, be sure to take a closer look. You never know if you might have just hit the jackpot.A barn
Just build it already
This is the Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept, and the petition to turn it from render to reality starts here.What a fantastic-looking thing this is. Turns out the Juke suits knobbly tires, lightbars, and spotlights-although then again, what car
#1 should be pretty obvious
Of all the statistics that follow Loeb-79 rally wins (30 clear of the next man), losing only three tarmac events between 2005 and 2013, finishing the 2010 championship 100 points clear-our favourite is this. In 2006, he missed the last
Does it really have the measure of these illustrious racing machines?
Homologation. Stupid word. Responsible for some of the most exciting cars ever to have turned a wheel, and yet 'homologation.' You can't abbreviate it (go on, try), you can't make it sound sexy or cool (again, have a go-maybe
He twice rolled his Focus at this event
Colin McRae may only have one World Rally Championship to his name, but the Scot is nevertheless rightly remembered as one of the sport's all-time greats for his spectacularly committed driving style.The emphatic pursuit of speed that made the
The Dutch watchmaker will create bespoke WRC timepieces throughout the season
TW Steel is officially the 2021 FIA World Rally Championship's official watch partner. The Dutch watchmaker recently inked a multi-year agreement with WRC Promoter, and the alliance was recently launched at the Rallye Monte Carlo.Under the alliance, TW Steel
We can’t wait to see these in action
The Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) Yaris, even in its stock form, is easily one of the gnarliest-looking hatchbacks in recent memory. In full-on rally guise, though? The vehicle is downright menacing.The Japanese car manufacturer's performance wing has previewed
The rally legend will keep a watchful eye over the brand’s sports cars
Good news for fans of rallying and sports cars, aka surely everyone reading this page. Tommi Makinen, having helped lead Toyota back to World Rally Championship glory, will now help make the company's road cars drive with a bit more vigor.
Playing in the dirt is more fun than ever
It can be quite difficult to get people interested in the ninth iteration of anything. Even the most recent Star Wars film earned only a mere billion dollars at the box office compared to the $1.3 billion the previous one made.
Sebastien Ogier won the Mexico leg of WRC 2020
Some motorsport happened over the weekend-which is news in itself nowadays. Sebastien Ogier won the Mexican round of the World Rally Championship for the sixth time, putting him top of the drivers' standings.It means he's WRC 2020's third
The WRC great had a fiery personality and an explosive driving style
No 'women in motorsports' list is complete without Michèle Mouton-in fact, quite a few people would rank her first on such a list. But the Frenchwoman can easily join the male-dominated roster of all-time World Rally Championship legends,
Because rally
The six hours from 5am on August 15, 2019. I'd like to tell you about them, although my reasoning is hardly honorable. You see, I chiefly want to tell myself about them, so when I get older and more decrepit, I
Does this color scheme take you back, too?
The '90s were a wonderful time. British rock, superclubs, Pogs... and a pair of gung-ho British rally drivers in the shape of Richard Burns and Colin McRae, with World Rallying on television.So excuse us while a Subaru WRX STI in
Get ’em while they’re hot
The current Honda Civic Type R is a fantastic car - we love it here at TG. However, a recent browse through the classifieds has left us pretty lost for words. That's because, if auction estimates are to be believed, you could
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