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BeamNG is essentially a simulator of every driver’s worst enemy

PHOTO: BeamNG Nation

One minute you’re nonchalantly driving along C5, and then boom—you run over a pothole. At the very least, deeper ones will shake up a car’s occupants, and at worst they can mess up your ride or even cause accidents. 

Strangely, though, watching automobiles get butchered by potholes on YouTube is actually kind of mesmerizing.

We aren’t talking about real cars, of course. BeamNG is a widely popular vehicle simulator that makes use of an incredibly realistic physics simulator. Some people use the program to simulate accidents from the safety of a mouse and keyboard, while others use it to create absurd stunts and motoring scenarios.

And then we have quality content like this:

‘Cars vs. Potholes.’ Frankly, the title of the series pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re looking to kill a few minutes online while chowing down during your lunch break, we highly recommend the BeamNGTV YouTube channel. Here, you can watch everything from exotic supercars to heavy-duty trucks try and take on absurdly large potholes with sometimes hilarious results.

We know, it sounds silly. But give these videos a quick view and we guarantee you’ll be hooked as well. Man, we wonder how a regular old jeepney would fare in one of these simulations. Think the pothole has a chance?

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PHOTO: BeamNG Nation
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