Mercedes-Benz Classics

For many car enthusiasts, purchasing a classic car is arguably one of the things on their bucket list. While a brand-new car would be less of a headache, there’s just something about acquiring a steed that possesses a rich history.

And as far as classics go, Mercedes-Benz models rank up there. Many people look up to the three-pointed star, no matter how old it is. Mercedes understands this, which is why it is now offering a way for would-be owners to get their hands on their dream ride.

The "All-Time Stars" is the newest ownership program being offered by the German luxury brand. The title is apt, as it allows buyers to purchase the Merc of their choice from any period throughout the brand’s long and colorful history. What’s even cooler is that these models come straight out of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany.

Why does this mater? We all know that purchasing a pre-owned automobile, especially a luxury nameplate with intricate mechanicals, can be a nightmare. What should hopefully be a dream acquisition could turn into a harrowing experience if you end up getting a lemon with all sorts of hidden problems. Yet going straight to the brand’s very own headquarters and buying something that has undergone thorough inspection is pretty much like buying brand-new.

The cars have undergone a complete 160-point checkup to ensure that everything is in working order. This includes the engine, the drivetrain, the electricals, the bodywork, and even the add-on options and equipment (if so fitted). With accredited and well-trained Mercedes-Benz mechanics, sales personnel, and customer-service staff on hand to assist buyers, would-be owners can be sure that they won’t be given the runaround--something they might get from a typical used-car salesman.

Looking for a particular Mercedes? Prospective clients can choose from three categories, namely:


* Premium Edition - These are original, low-mileage classics, as well as fully restored examples that have been carefully built back to perfection by Mercedes engineers and mechanics.

* Drivers Edition - These cars can be used every day despite their age. They likewise have the potential for tuning to improve their performance.

* Collectors Edition - As the name suggests, these are the rare kind of Mercedes. What makes them even more desirable is that they are in excellent, working condition.

For those wondering what types of cars are on offer, one can chose from something as vintage and rare as the 1928 Type 630 Kompressor, to a more recent 1995 E320 Convertible, and everything else in between.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum and its All-Time Stars program is the perfect way to buy that dream classic you’ve always wanted. You can either head over to Germany, or check out the official website here. Either way, it’s the best way to reach for that elusive Chedeng.


Mercedes-Benz Classics

Mercedes-Benz Classics

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