10 Road trip sins you should never commit

by Drei Laurel | Mar 31, 2018

It’s safe to say that for working professionals, Holy Week is the most highly anticipated vacation of the year (at least next to Christmas and New Year). And we’re not just speaking of the holiday’s spiritual significance--it’s also the perfect opportunity to head out of the city to catch a breather.

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If, like many of us, you often embark on a quest for fresh air, great waves and chill vibes during Holy Week, remember that there are certain rules to keep in mind when traveling with a group in a cramped motor vehicle.

But let’s be honest: Chances are you’ve committed one of these 10 road trip sins at one point or another. So, which ones are you guilty of?

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1) Backing out the night before or not showing up at all.

This is inarguably the gravest road trip sin of them all. If you confirmed your attendance, do not back out at the very last minute. Doing so messes up the group’s schedule, budget, and overall vibe. The only thing worse? Ditching the trip because someone else did the same. Shame on you.

2) Not pitching in for fuel/toll fees.

Speaking of budgets, unless there’s an agreement that someone else will shoulder costs, every member of the group is obligated to pitch in for gas, toll, and other similar expenses. Don’t even wait for the driver or owner of the vehicle to ask you to pay up--it’s just common courtesy.

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3) Sleeping throughout the entire trip.

Look, we understand you’re on this trip to relax. But come on man, could you at least keep your eyes open for an hour or two? Oh, and unless the driver says otherwise, the front passenger seat should always be a no-snooze zone.

4) Staying glued to a screen/work.

Turn off your data, pack away your laptop, and tell your boss to stop e-mailing you and get a life. Okay, maybe don’t do that last bit (lest you want to be on vacation for an extended period of time). But seriously: Get off your screen, and socialize. These four days only come once a year, remember?

5) Letting one rip inside the car.

Just don’t. Hold it in all the way if you have to, or at least wait until the next stopover so you can save yourself from embarassment.

6) Packing way too much luggage.

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It’s four days. How many bags do you need to bring? We’re taking a subcompact crossover out, not a damn full-size SUV, remember? You know what, just put down that Rimowa you’re packing your stuff into. You’re not going to need that laptop bag either. Here’s a duffel bag and a small backpack. Good to go? Shhhh. You’re good to go.

7) Skipping every damn song on the playlist.

Just let the song finish. It’s a long drive, and chances are that Spice Girls tune you’ve been waiting for will come on before we get to our destination. Hopefully you have no intention to bring your DJ skills to a professional stage. Because with that patience, you’ll be done with your set in 10 minutes tops.

8) Finishing all the snacks.

You know that cooler full of chips and drinks you guys brought along? It was supposed to last all the way to Baguio. They left you in the third row with it, and you’re halfway done consuming everything by the time you reach San Fernando, Pampanga. We hope you shelled out extra when it came to the food budget.

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9) Leaving a mess inside the car’s cabin.

No spills, crumbs, stray chips, wet clothes, muddy slippers or sand inside the cabin please. Remember to put dirty clothes and footweat inside a container or a bag. Wet clothes need to be hung out to dry first as well, unless you want the car’s cabin to smell like sea water for the rest of the trip.

10) Making everybody wait.

It goes without saying that during road trips, or any other occasion for that matter, you should be punctual. Because 15 minutes of waiting for that last kabarkada to arrive at the meeting point could spell the difference between cruising on an open highway or being stuck in gridlock traffic for an hour or two.


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