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Report: Turn your drives into Carpool Karaoke sessions with the TeslaMic

PHOTO: Tesla

Tesla isn’t just known as one of the globe’s leading electric car manufacturers. Elon Musk’s pride and joy also has a reputation for making its products do rather unusual stuff.

From the top of our head, there’s being able to watch TikTok videos on a Tesla’s central touchscreen, playing video games on it—oh, and the fart sounds, of course. We can’t forget about that one.

Now, add actual Carpool Karaoke to that list. Minus the part where James Corden is there, at least. Minus the celebrities and actual musicians, too.

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According to a new report by Electrek, the EV manufacturer is now selling a ‘TeslaMic’ in the People’s Republic. This allows Tesla owners to utilize their vehicle’s new karaoke system—a feature that was included in the brand’s Chinese New Year software update for the market. Watch:


The actual webpage where you can buy a TeslaMic is currently down, but the Electrek report says it costs 1,199 Chinese yuan (around P9,600).

We don’t recommend drivers joining in on the singing, but for passengers? This should make for a neat way to pass the time while stuck in traffic. Think a product like this would be a hit among motorists in the Philippines?

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PHOTO: Tesla
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