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Japanese tuner stuffs Toyota GR Yaris engine into a modified AE86

Because why not
PHOTO: DADDY Motor Works Official

Toyota has added a number of memorable engines to its resume over the past couple of decades. The likes of the A80 Supra’s legendary 2JZ engine, for one, has been a staple among tuners for turning otherwise run-of-the-mill builds into car-show stunners.

The Japanese brand’s list of fan-favorite powerplants continues to grow, too. More recently, a tuner in Japan by the name of Daddy Motor Works turned to the Toyota GR Yaris’ turbocharged G16E gasoline engine to spice up an already over-the-top AE86 build. Look:

Toyota GR Yaris x AE86 engine swap

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The video doesn’t state exactly how much power the setup puts out, but for comparison, a local-spec GR Yaris with a G16E-GTS three-cylinder turbo under the hood does 257hp at 6,500rpm and 360Nm of torque between 3,000-4,600rpm. That’s immense for a car of the AE86’s size.

To be honest, the build’s looks alone are already a lot to take in even before you pop the hood open. It sits precariously low to the ground, gets some blacked-out exterior components, and is equipped with extended fenders to house larger wheels. There’s a roll cage inside as well.

We all know, however, that it’s the G16E inside that truly makes this build a stunner. Think the mill will ever reach the same status as the 2JZ? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: DADDY Motor Works Official
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