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Is buying a car with your partner before marriage a bad idea?

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There are several other ways a couple can seal their relationship aside from saying ‘I dos’ at the altar. Moving in together is one. Buying a dog or some other pet together is another popular way to go about it.

But what about buying a car? Financially, it’s a relatively big commitment for both parties. It’s also a test of how much each party is willing to concede when it comes to major purchasing decisions.

According to our readers, though, buying a car outside of marriage can be a tricky proposition. Here’s what they had to say regarding the matter:

Is buying a car a bad idea for unmarried couples?

While you both are still in a good relationship. Buy one car which both of you will enjoy.
Enter into an agreement that in case you break up, the car will be sold and the proceeds will be split in half!” – Victor Michael Lardizabal


Eight years together na kami ng husband ko pero last year lang kami nagpakasal. 2015 sabi niya isasakay niya ako sa kotse, pero that time, sa pedicab muna. 2017 we got our first car although secondhand para mabilis matapos. 2021 we got our second car. Depende siguro talaga pag partner mo masinop sa pera at ma diskarte sa buhay. Love you Dad!” – Aleli Tobias

Is making ‘ligaw’ easier when you have your own car? Here’s what you guys have to say
DTI: Dealerships can no longer sell vehicles on an ‘installment-only’ basis

Never do that! You’ll regret it in the end.” – Jasmin B. Ada

“Pili kase ng maayos na partner. Be it a car or a bicycle, the most important is trust.” – Reighyah Raflores

Rule of the thumb: Never get into any joint expenditures with a boyfriend.” – Razel de Castro

No. In the same way, you don’t share a credit card or a checking account if you’re not married.” – AJ Villarin

Almost done paying for it. I got it for myself, but with the permission of my significant other because our plans would be delayed due to finances. Turning out kind of okay.” – Francis Erikson

If you can’t buy a car using your own resources, 80% of the time, you’ll end up in piling debts or get your bank-financed car repossessed. Set your priorities. Kung hindi mo kayang bayaran on your own, mag-commute ka. Iwas-hingal sa ka-so-social climbing.” – Jay Medina

We bought ours and thought it wasn’t a good idea since hindi nakapasok sa Grab back then. Come 2020 and all the community quarantine—thank goodness that we didn’t have so much difficulty in terms of transportation. Now, mag-iisang taon na kaming kasal and less than one year na lang si Mira namin.” – Alvin Fuentes

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