Video: The day we went on an epic 1,000km road trip

A drive to remember
by Tracy Carpena | Apr 23, 2015

Top Gear Philippines at Cannonball 1000

It's that time of the year again when it's scorching-hot, and all you want to do is pack your bags and leave the city with your trusty steed.

Well, even before the temperatures started hitting 30 degrees Celsius, the boys of Top Gear Philippines--along with some friends from Mazda Philippines and Glide Project--took an epic road trip by joining Cannonball 1000. Covering a 1,200km loop around Northern Luzon, the inaugural event had a set time limit of 24 hours.

But with safety as their priority, our guys cared less about beating everyone else to the finish line, and just enjoyed the drive. They came back to the office with anecdotes and--as cheesy as this may sound--a bond stronger than ever. That's what 1,200km of driving can do.

Watch our video of their escapade and misadventures. And before you go on a similarly long road trip, make sure that you, your car and your companion are in tip-top shape. Drive safely!

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