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The Aceman previews Mini’s quirky design language for the electric era

The brand’s next EV will probably look like this one
Front quarter view of Mini Aceman

Mini has revealed a first glimpse of its new Aceman concept, which is the “dawn of a new design era” according to the brand. It looks so completely different you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a Lexus.

That name isn’t a spelling mistake, either—you might remember back in 2012 to 2016 when Mini sold the three-door Paceman SUV. This isn’t that—it’s completely different. No P, for a start, and it has two extra doors. Plus, it’s going to be all-electric, likely using the powertrain bits and pieces from BMW’s iX3.

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Rear quarter view of Mini Aceman

Mini insists that its Aceman is an actual crossover, not just a slightly shorter SUV—it’s a true blend of Hatch and Countryman, offering the agility of the Hatch and the space and lifestyle-oriented practicality of the latter. The Aceman certainly doesn’t look as dumpy as the Countryman.

Neither does Brexit appear to have overruled Britannia just yet—Mini is leaning even more heavily on the Union Jack cues here. There’s even one on the roof rack that will only be seen by people on buses or bridges. Still, the Queen will appreciate the royalties.

Interior of Mini Aceman

Inside, the designers have said they’ve gone right the way back to the 1959 Issigonis original for interior inspiration, which means the return of the bare dash and single central speedo. That’s not to say it’s austere—they’ve tried to chuck in a bit of fun, too, with nifty LED graphics and smart infotainment that attempts to curate an experience for you.

As well as the zero-emission environmental pleasantries of the electric powertrain, Mini says the Aceman eschews the use of leather inside, instead featuring “high-quality materials selected with a conscious eye on sustainability.”

Front view of Mini Aceman

The Aceman isn’t getting a conventional unveil—its first public appearance will be at the Gamescom video game fair in Cologne in late August. The production version of the perky little crossover will be revealed at a later date and go on sale in 2024. It all bodes well for the next-gen Hatch, too, we reckon.

Grille of Mini Aceman

Top view of Mini Aceman

Roof detail of Mini Aceman

Mini Acement concept preview


Side view of Mini Aceman

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