Nissan’s upcoming twin-motor EV drivetrain borrows from the GT-R

Developed for maximum stability and smoothness
by Tom Harrison | Jan 10, 2020

Underneath this wide-arched Nissan Leaf lurks something interesting—Nissan’s new twin-motor, four-wheel-drive electric drivetrain. Called ‘e-4orce’ (pronounced e-force), it’ll likely appear first in the production version of the Ariya SUV.

Developed for maximum stability and smoothness, the new setup borrows know-how from the all-wheel-drive systems fitted to the GT-R and the Patrol, Nissan says. As well as all the normal malarkey about delivering “greater confidence” and “more excitement,” e-4orce even claims to improve ride quality. By precisely controlling the regenerative braking and output of both motors, it supposedly makes driving in town and on rough roads more comfortable by “minimizing irregular movements” and reducing pitch/roll.

Details remain scant, even though Nissan is currently showcasing the new tech at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. We do know the Leaf pictured has a little over 300hp and 680Nm, meaning it ought to be quite quick. Fingers crossed the production version of the powertrain is similarly punchy.

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