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Wald has managed to make the Toyota Supra look even sportier

Bigger wheels, new exhausts, a massive wing, and an F1-inspired nose

Remember Japanese tuner Wald’s rather striking BMW X7 bodykit from a couple of weeks ago? Well, it’s now done something even more bonkers, although at least this time it’s on a car that’s au fait with bodykits.

Check out what’s happened to this very yellow A90 Toyota Supra. Wald reckons it has brought a bit of Formula 1 to the fifth-gen sports car with that new nose, and it’s certainly different from what we’ve seen so far.

There’s also the obligatory MASSIVE rear wing, wider arches at both the front and rear, huge new wheels and Lexus IS F-style exhaust tips. There’s no word on whether this particular example has had its internals fettled, but clearly, it’s ever-so-slightly lower than standard.

Thoughts on the latest modified Supra, Internet?

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