Ford's 3 ingredients for providing excellent customer experience

Straight from high-ranking company boss
by Tracy Carpena | Nov 26, 2014

What are Ford's priorities to ensure excellent customer experience?

These days, not only are carmakers keen on breaking sales records, they also want to offer the best customer experience. What is Ford doing to make sure its customers are happy?

At a media roundtable meeting with Ford Motor Company executives in Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, we asked no less than global dealer and consumer experience vice president Elena Ford the three things the company prioritizes to make sure it delivers excellent customer service. The following is her reply:

* Facility. "It starts with the facility," Ford said. The carmaker's dealerships should conform to the One Ford global standards. Recently, the American carmaker opened its biggest showroom in the country. Expect similar customer experience in all Ford dealerships as the company standardizes its practices.

* Digital connection. Everybody wants to be connected all the time. And Ford understands it as a need of every customer, even when checking out an SUV at a dealership. "When the customers come in, we provide them the technology and the Wi-Fi infrastructure," the executive said. She also stressed that a dealership's Wi-Fi infrastructure is also for its sales personnel and service technicians, so they can deliver better customer service.

* Personnel training. The Dearborn-based carmaker ensures that its employees are given not only technical training, but also product and process training. The executive shared that the Ford Academy Training has come to Asia Pacific. "Our sales team and service advisors are being trained well to create a memorable experience that they will share with their family and friends," she said.

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What are Ford's priorities to ensure excellent customer experience?

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